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Media Relations & Events

The benefits of Publicity

  • It's a cost effective way to build awareness of your brand
  • It includes print (magazines and newspapers), electronic (radio and television) and online media
  • The return on investment is more than 5-fold the investment made

Our services include:

  1. Conceptualising media campaigns and advising clients what will or won't work.
  2. Develop a media database - per region or nationally.
  3. Publicity tracking and monitoring.
  4. Developing and researching strategic angles tactfully positioned to suit each publication, radio or television programme.
  5. Copy writing for advertorials, features, press releases, websites, annual reports, newsletters and brochures.
  6. Setting up and managing media partnerships.

We have built solid relationships with the media through partnerships and projects - our return on investment for clients has been proof of this.

Event coordination

We have extensive experience in event management, from intimate corporate events and media launches to gala dinners.

Services offering:

  • Conceptualising of the event/campaign
  • Implementation and management of the entire process

Please refer to our Portfolio page for examples of our work.

What some of our clients have to say

Thank you to the Affinity team for your hard work and professionalism during our 2015 Rentokil Pestaurant event. The amount of PR generated exceeded our expectations and you really ensured that this unique event was covered from coast to coast. I was really impressed by your structured process from briefing to post-event tracking. Your hands on approach and interest in our business really  added that personal touch that is so rare in the PR industry today.

LĂ©may Rogers, Marketing Manager, Rentokil Initial