The Content Company
CSI Product awareness

In July 2010 The Content Company was created as a spin off entity from Psitek (Pty) Ltd, a company which specialises in developing solutions using cellular and wireless technology to provide access to voice, data and information services to people in under-serviced areas of the world.
The technology developments that had been undertaken by Psitek up to that point were the responsibility of a group that built solutions to provide access to information for under-serviced or emerging market areas. One of the key brands created by the group was Streetwise, an e-mail and internet terminal which is aimed specifically at providing controlled access to content to underserviced areas. This technology platform as well as all the marketing and sales activities around it formed the core business of The Content Company.
Though their product has been tested and proven to work, The Content Company needed help to establish their own profile as well as generate interest in their product. They called on Affinity for assistance.
Two of the biggest communication challenges The Content Company was facing when trying to market their product, were the lack of awareness and lack of understanding among their target audiences. People did not know about Streetwise or did not understand the purpose thereof as a unique product for a specific market.
The initial four month communication campaign involved formulating key messages for target audiences, targeting selected print, online and broadcast media to create awareness of the Streetwise product and help build trust in the Content Company as a supplier of telecommunications solutions for their specific market.  
“The reason that we engaged Affinity was to build up a credible media profile so that we could use this as reference material and endorsements in order to attract customers. The project has been a great success in that we now have a diverse and credible set of reference media that is used by our website and in one-on-one engagements with prospective customers.
There is no doubt that we could not have generated this without the Affinity team.
Working with Affinity was easy as our business and project objectives were quickly and well understood and I look forward to working on future projects together.”
Ian Harrison
CEO of The Content Company
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