Afsim - Driving Simulators
Publicity - New product

A group of entrepreneurs from Bloemfontein identified the opportunity to introduce driving simulators to the South African market to help teach learners drivers basic drving skills in a safe environment. They appointed Affinity in March 2011 to help them address their communication needs to reach target audiences.

The communication objectives were to:

  • to create general awareness for Afsim driving simulators,
  • to introduce Afsim's quality driving simulators to potential clients,
  • to inform and educate target markets on the benefits of Afsim driving simulators,
  • to motivate the use of Afsim simulators as part of driver training and
  • to encourage potential buyers to invest in Afsim driving simulators.

We have distributed media releases targeted at news, consumer, motoring, technology and transport focused mediaand set up interviews to reach the various target audiences identified. This yielded excellent results worth over R3 million, including prime time television coverage and helping to create availability of Afsim's driving simulators in specific community media.

The client benefitted from increased interest in their product from both potential investors and learner drivers enquiring about where they could book sessions to practice their drving skills using the Afsim drving simulators.  

"We had a brand new business offering a new concept to the South African market and approached Affinity to help us make Afsim a household name. They brought us in touch with the media which lead to the publication of numerous articles and our first television coverage." Marelize Labuschagne, Marketing Manager for Afsim.