Philippi Market (March 2009)
Philippi Market Operating Company
Printed media

Since the launch of the Philippi Market in 2006 the market struggled to deliver on its set mandates, which included democratizing agriculture in the Western Cape, leveraging the evolution of 2500 new farmers and serving as a suction force for produce from emerging farmers, as well as catalyst for social and economic transformation in Philippi and surrounding areas. For this reason the market put in place a 'turnaround strategy' to meet these mandates. Part of the strategy was o create more awareness of the market in the media. The Philippi Market Exhibition was the perfect opportunity to launch the new turnaround strategy and to leverage off for publicity.

Affinity was called in to assist with the media relations for the campaign three weeks prior to the event. With limited time, we had to gain maximum exposure for the Market using the regional print online and broadcasting media. With our outstanding relationships with the media we secured editorial in all the major regional titles in the Western Cape, including the three relevant community newspapers. Our client also enjoyed exposure on all four of the region's commercial radio stations as well as two national station and three community stations.

The exposure resulted in a greater awareness of the Philippi Market which lead to many strategic partners approaching our client Philippi Market Operating Company, to help them reach the pre-determined objectives for the Market.


“I was really impressed with the way you were able to package and structure the overall media communication strategy. More particularly, the quality of the content of the message was excellent. Most extraordinary was the way you were able to navigate your way through all the initial uncertainties and extreme time constraints, and still come out with effective results. I am highly satisfied with the outcome of your efforts.”

Thank you for a wonderful experience.

Ebrahim Isaacs
Market Strategic: Philippi Market Operating Company

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